Nvidia's financial report is coming soon: Will artificial intelligence dominate everything?Following in Apple's footsteps, is Tesla building a new factory in India?Is buying Alibaba a "mistake"? A 40 billion hedge fund increased its holdings in Microsoft and Texas Instruments in the first quarter!Pre-market US stocks | Debt ceiling negotiations continue tonight, Zhu Xiaotong increases holdings of Tesla stocks, Cainiao denies large-scale layoffs.Financial report is out | XPENG-W drops more than 5% in pre-market trading! Q1 revenue almost halved, Q2 guidance significantly below expectations.Financial Report is Out | XIAOMI-W's Q1 Profit Improves, Gross Margin Reaches Record HighBig move to watch | Nvidia's target price for performance has been significantly raised! TENCENT still has 40% upside potential?Alibaba goes to the middle platform, will other big companies follow?Four months fell more than 40%! Will PDD have a surprise in the first quarter performance?Small Mo: XPENG-W and NIO-SW have the opportunity to "reverse the adversity"! BYD may still have expected differences.At the beginning of the month, Tesla suddenly raised its prices. Could it be that they will lower them again this summer?!Target price of $187! Apple MR is expected to debut this year with high growth in service revenue.US Stock Options | Amazon Forward Call Trading Surges, Zoom and Pfizer Options Trading QuadruplesHSBC, Citi, Deutsche Bank, Morgan Stanley and RBC traders broke competition law, watchdog findsAlibaba is reported to have laid off a large number of employees! Just because of the "removal of the middle platform" spin-off? No, the blame is on e-commerce!Breakfast | The 13th China-US Political Party Dialogue Held, Alibaba Cloud and NetEase Youdao Respond to Rumors of Large-scale LayoffsFor translation, please provide the text between the 'Split Wall Street: Some see the S&P 500 reaching 4600 points, while others believe it's a false rebound!Zoom's first-quarter performance is improving, but the pressure from Microsoft remains unabated.Rare! Apple's stock rating has been downgraded, what is the reason?Pre-market trading in US stocks | TSMC receives a large number of AI chip orders, Disney initiates the third round of layoffs, and activist investor TCS invests in Yelp.TSMC executive says talks on possible plant in Germany continueBig Moves to Watch | Alibaba, KUAISHOU-W Could Rise at Least 60%? NIO-SW Target Price Significantly Lowered!Six major business spin-offs and listings, why is this Alibaba's last chance?NVIDIA's first-quarter performance won't look good, the key is the second-quarter guidance!The Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong: Implements virtual asset trading from June 1st.Zhang Yidong: Short-term negative factors in Hong Kong stocks have been exhausted! "Bottom tug-of-war" may usher in a turning point for stage rebound.Financial Report Preview | XIAOMI-W's Q1 revenue is expected to drop by 20%, dragged down by its mobile phone business, focus on progress in car manufacturing.US Stock Options | NIO-SW and Micron Tech options trading volume doubled, while Pfizer and Upstart options trading volume surged fourfold.After obtaining the edition number for five consecutive months, TENCENT and CLOUD MUSIC still have room for upward valuation!Judge throws out shareholder lawsuit against Elon Musk over Twitter buyoutPreview | Countdown to RMB Directly Buying Hong Kong Stocks! Why is it worth paying attention to?Singapore Exchange To Launch Depository Receipts Under DR Linkage With Stock Exchange Of ThailandBreakfast | Morgan Stanley warns that a new bull market in US stocks has not yet begun, Bill Gates says AI assistants will replace Alphabet-AmazonNot just Alphabet-C, Microsoft, and NVIDIA! Other investment opportunities in AI include theseThe new pressure on US stocks: the US dollar is strengthening!If the US stock market is in a bull market, analysts say, "It's different from the past 30 years!"Has FAAMNG been overvalued after this year's surge?Pre-market US stocks | Chinese internet companies rise, Micron Tech falls nearly 6%! Meta Platforms reportedly fined $1.3 billion by the EU.Big Moves | Alibaba Target Price Cut! JD.com, BYD Both Have at Least Doubled Potential?Financial Report is Out | KUAISHOU-W Achieves Overall Profitability for the First Time, All Business Maintains High-Speed GrowthMeta Response to the Decision on Facebook’s EU-US Data TransfersIn-depth analysis of "Eternal Second" AMD AI computing power advantage: the market is suffering from Nvidia's monopoly!The largest pension fund in the United States reduced its stock position in the first quarter, clearing out LI AUTO-W and reducing holdings in Apple and NIO-SW!Meta 因向美国转移数据而被罚 13 亿美元 - WSJUS Stock Options | Meta Platforms, Alphabet-C, Tesla Calls Active, Nvidia Options Trading Nearly DoubledHow to understand the valuation difference between China and the United States and its solution? Pay attention to this indicator - risk premium!Hong Kong stocks are showing a 2019 market trend again? The key opportunities still lie in technology stocks!Two positive signals have emerged! Attraction of Hong Kong stocks is on the rise.NVIDIA、Jülich 超级计算中心和 Partec 将建立量子计算实验室。