Financial report is out | PDD rose more than 13% in pre-market trading! All indicators greatly exceeded market expectations.Tesla's FSD, Nvidia's AI, who is overdrawing the future?Big Moves | Can MEITUAN-W Rise Another 75%? CLOUD MUSIC and CLOUD MUSIC Receive Positive Outlook After EarningsUS Stock Options | Bulls Bet on NVIDIA to Rise to $400! TSMC Options Trading Surges SixfoldNetEase Games, Hybrid Third SonNIO ES6 price reduction and increased configuration, can it reverse the sales decline?Xiao Mo: Optimistic about Meituan's takeaway business! Why are in-store revenue and operating profit mixed?Withdrawal of nearly 12 billion US dollars! 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Could it be that they will lower them again this summer?!Target price of $187! Apple MR is expected to debut this year with high growth in service revenue.US Stock Options | Amazon Forward Call Trading Surges, Zoom and Pfizer Options Trading QuadruplesHSBC, Citi, Deutsche Bank, Morgan Stanley and RBC traders broke competition law, watchdog findsAlibaba is reported to have laid off a large number of employees! Just because of the "removal of the middle platform" spin-off? No, the blame is on e-commerce!Breakfast | The 13th China-US Political Party Dialogue Held, Alibaba Cloud and NetEase Youdao Respond to Rumors of Large-scale LayoffsFor translation, please provide the text between the 'Split Wall Street: Some see the S&P 500 reaching 4600 points, while others believe it's a false rebound!Zoom's first-quarter performance is improving, but the pressure from Microsoft remains unabated.Rare! 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