Acquiring 70,000 BYD, seizing the last stronghold of traditional fuel vehicles.After 34 years, returning to a high point, the Japanese stock market has long been a case of "the same place, different people."Goldman Sachs hedge fund tracking: Technology giants remain the most crowded trades, but smart money is starting to seek new alternatives.Old Huang: We are accelerating everything! Full record of NVIDIA's earnings conference call.Patience is the investor's best friend, and even the patience of gorillas surpasses that of humans.Pre-market trading in the US | NVIDIA surged by 15%, leading the technology stocks! and Li Auto are leading the frenzy of Chinese concept stocks!Hot discussion on WSB: Electric truck RIVN plunges by 14%, Musk mocks: "About to go bankrupt."SINOHOPE TECH is expected to complete the transfer of FTX claims within the next 12 months.Rating Quick Look | NVIDIA's target price raised to $1000 after earnings report! JD, BYD face price cuts.In the U.S. stock options market, the trading volume of BABA-SWR has doubled, while the "AI Big Bull Stocks" have surged in trading volume! Tesla and NVIDIA are still hot.During the NVIDIA conference call, it was projected that the next-generation B100 chips will be in short supply, and the global data center installation volume is expected to double in the next 5 years.After-hours trading | AI stocks squat and jump! Leader NVIDIA soared 12%A quick look | Collection of NVIDIA earnings report analysis is here!Goldman Sachs: The sustainability of this round of inflation in Japan depends crucially on rental prices.NVIDIA is experiencing a "Taylor Swift moment": leading the AI revolution, with the stock price expected to soar.Fundstrat, a major bull, made an aggressive prediction: Bitcoin will surge to $150,000 by the end of the year and hit $500,000 within five years.The Sora craze, can it save the US stock market AI?Alphabet-C officially announced: Gemini can now be used in Alphabet-C and Google Docs as well.Insufficient demand, layoffs! The American electric vehicle newcomer Rivian Automotive plummeted 15% after hours.Morgan Stanley's assessment of NVIDIA: Impressive performance, but three major risks to be cautious about!Tencent and NetEase are fiercely competing during the Spring Festival.NVIDIA's fiscal year Q4 earnings conference: Data center revenue quadrupled year-on-year to a historic high, marking a turning point as the world enters a new era of computing.Hong Kong Stock Market News: ZX INC surged more than 10% with integrated game research and operation + expanding product categories. Institutions believe that the performance is expected to see growth.Hong Kong Stock Market Update: Bitcoin falls below $51,000, OSL Group drops over 8%, SINOHOPE TECH falls over 7%.Aftermarket trading of the new carmaker Rivian Automotive plummeted by over 17%! In Q4, they are losing $40,000 for every car delivered.NVIDIA once again dominates the field! Analysts exclaim, "The moment of throwing wheat," once again confirming the AI revolution.NVIDIA Corporation (NVDA) Q4 2024 Earnings Call TranscriptCore business revenue surged by 409%! NVIDIA's performance once again shocks the world, single-handedly revitalizing the "AI faith".Breakfast | NVIDIA's explosive performance surged 7% after hours, Alphabet-C released open-source AI large model Gemma.Tech giants continue to suppress, Nasdaq falls for the third consecutive day, S&P rebounds narrowly, and NVIDIA surged 9% after earnings report."Generative AI has reached a tipping point!" NVIDIA's fourth-quarter revenue, profit, and first-quarter guidance all exceeded expectations, with the stock price rising 10% after hours | Earnings Report InsightsIntel is the first globally to promote system-level foundry services in the AI era, while Microsoft is making its own chips using the A18 process with the help of Dongfeng.In the U.S. stock market, there is a special situation where cryptocurrency stocks are declining, with Coinbase falling more than 5%.US stock futures are falling, while European indices are mixed. Chinese concept stocks are generally rising, with NVIDIA down nearly 2% in pre-market trading.Why did Wooden Sister sell off, why is Groq making waves? And the 12 unicorns aiming to "overtake" NVIDIA on the curve.The increase in table turnover rate has paid off, with HAIDILAO's net profit in 2023 nearly doubling compared to pre-epidemic levels.WSB hot topic | Short-term surge of 500%! Lunar probe company LUNR is soaring to the sky!Founder of Oaktree Capital: It's better to buy well than to buy cheap.NVIDIA's holdings are on fire, turning NVIDIA into a gold mine.Pre-market trading in the US: Chinese concept stocks soar while tech stocks decline! Everyone is eagerly anticipating NVIDIA's blockbuster earnings report after the market closes.Rating Quick Look: NVIDIA's pre-performance target price significantly raised! MEITUAN and LI NING ratings downgraded.A quick look | NVIDIA's Earnings Report Preview Collection is here!After the dramatic fluctuations in stock price, what kind of earnings report does NVIDIA need to produce to withstand the pressure?US Stock Options | Market cooling down? Tesla's trading volume halved! NVIDIA, Apple also declined.Earnings report exceeds expectations! Walmart's stock price hits a historic high.Next month's "AI Summit": In addition to B100, NVIDIA has also gathered the authors of the "Most Important AI Papers" for a conversation with the founder.AI is also delivering food now! UberEats will launch autonomous driving robots for food delivery in Japan.Understanding the Market | As the US stock market continues to hit new highs, why should investors not throw in the towel?Goldman Sachs: NVIDIA is currently "the most important stock on Earth", tonight's earnings report "must" greatly exceed expectations.Expected triple growth in revenue! Does NVIDIA still need to "exceed expectations"?