Breakfast | November may be the best month for the US stock market this year, CICC is bullish on Hong Kong stocks, expecting at least a 10% increase.​逆风出海,中国风电企业别无选择Taobao is unbeatable again 12Another mobile phone manufacturer is going to IPO after Xiaomi.NVIDIA truly reaches the summit as the "King of Chips"万亿广汽的野心生物类似药出海美国,迎来拐点 | 见智研究FSD 即将入华,来吧特斯拉!中国智驾早想一决高低了NVIDIA's further decline drags down the NASDAQ Composite Index, while the S&P continues to rise, hitting its longest weekly gain in five months. Chinese concept stocks shine, with BIDU-SWR's earnings report showing a remarkable surge of over 10% for the week.Xiaopeng wants to "gamble" again.Extreme Kr wants to engage in close combat with Tesla.Mercedes-Benz is going to teach the new forces a lesson.比亚迪腾势想领跑智能化下半场王健林仍想安全上岸Pre-market US stocks | XPENG-W surges, NVIDIA falls! Taobao cancels "Double 12" this year比亚迪旗下多款车型降价促销Gold's outlook for next year? UBS: With the combination of the Fed's interest rate cuts and a significant drop in real interest rates, the price of gold may reach new highs.Betting on the peak of US interest rates, asset management companies are selling the US dollar at the fastest pace in a year.Analysis Report | Price target for Kuaishou raised! Tencent's long-term value is highly regardedHong Kong Securities and Futures Commission: Hong Kong plans to launch Chinese government bond futures.Why is there a wave of smartphone upgrades? Goldman Sachs has given a new reason.外交部:中方将对法、德、意、荷、西、马六国试行免签政策《独家新闻》Nvidia 延后推出面向中国市场的新款 AI 芯片 -- 消息人士After Dong Mingzhu, is Jack Ma also entering the pre-packaged meal industry?港股下一个突破点可能在 18300 点!AMD 全新 AI 芯片发售在即,大单已在手,有望叫板英伟达Taobao has canceled its Double 12 event this year and will instead hold the "Taobao Year-End Good Price Festival" next month.“宁王” 或锁定明年港股最大 IPOThe wave of strikes in the United States has spread to Tesla in Sweden, and Musk commented, "This is crazy."一颗难倒了苹果的芯片The OpenAI farce comes to an end, is Meta the "biggest winner" that has been overlooked?Analyzing the "First Decade" and "New Decade" of XIAOMI-W from the 2023 Q3 Earnings ReportHong Kong Stock Market Update | Property stocks collectively decline, SHIMAO GROUP drops more than 8% at one point, SINO-OCEAN GP drops more than 3%.內銀向房企提供無抵押貸款或是冒險之舉?Li Zekai increased his holdings of Dianying by 11.54 million yuan for four consecutive days.Breakfast | Positive news on the policy of domestic real estate stocks, Alibaba Cloud adjusts organizational structure.When will the Fed stop shrinking its balance sheet? Goldman Sachs: It will start "hitting the brakes" in Q3 next year and end in Q1 2015.摩根资管发布 2024 长期资本假设,另类资产可提升长期回报率,中国股票仍具有一定的吸引力所有人都在猜:明年哪个时点,美联储降息?Quick Look at the Big Banks | Nvidia's target price raised after earnings! Can BIDU-SWR rise another 75%?Morgan Stanley discusses recent "asset allocation": shifting from government bonds to commodities, stocks still lack cost-effectiveness.Musk: Cybertruck electric pickup is being shipped to Tesla stores in North America.Why did Hong Kong property stocks surge violently again at the end of the trading day?NIO's battery swapping finally pays off | Insights from Dolphin Research技术分析 | 美股为什么危险了?中信证券:从 “化存量” 到 “遏新增”US Stock Options | Tesla and Nvidia trade 2.5 million contracts! Market continues to speculate on Alibaba callsUS stocks "top-heavy" means market under pressure? Investment banks: Not necessarily!Breaking into the video field? Adobe acquires "AI Video" company