Tuhu's first day of listing was hindered by JD: How to break through and profit in the price war分析师称苹果 A17Pro 仅为过渡设计 预计 iPhone 16 系列所有机型都将采用 A18 系列芯片Apple's new product encounters setbacks as users complain about severe heating issues with the iPhone 15 Pro."Higher and Longer" Panic Continues: US Stocks and Bonds Plunge, Marking the Worst Month of the YearOpen AI has unlocked the "Dragon Binding" for ChatGPT: it can now connect to the internet!美国汽车工会:若谈判未取得重大进展 周五将扩大罢工Breakfast | US Treasury yields return to more than a decade high, putting pressure on US stocks; Meta releases new VR headset.30 Billion Users Experience AI! Meta Introduces AI Features to Social Media Platforms and Launches the World's First MR HeadsetNVIDIA's major customer Microsoft: "AI chip shortage" is improvingAI boom supports sales but profitability is worrying: Micron Technology warns of losses this quarter, stock falls over 4% after hours | Earnings ReportTop analyst pours cold water on ASML: EUV equipment shipment forecast for next year may be significantly revised down by 20-30%.S&P narrowly closed higher, Dow hit a four-month low, US bond yields returned to a decade-high, and US oil rose 4% during the session.Seizing the Market by Storm: Meta Releases Quest 3 VR Headset with $200 Price Increase, Introduces Multi-functional Glasses Simultaneously"Century Anti-Monopoly" Case Exposes the Machinations of Tech Giants: Microsoft Claims Apple Uses Bing as a "Bargaining Chip" in Negotiations with Google张晓晶:中国有提高财政赤字率的空间美媒:白宫已做好在政府关门期间运作的准备南极电商拟推第四期员工持股计划 筹资总额上限为 1.78 亿元黄伟纶:香港庞大的外汇储备可有效支援金融系统全球股市抛售暂停 波动率指数 VIX 显示市场平静热门中概股美股盘前多数上涨,理想汽车涨超 2%Wall Street's Optimism: Will the S&P 500 Index Break Through 5000 Points?"King of Curls" Zero RunAccording to the latest earnings report, Alibaba plans to spin off its logistics subsidiary, Cainiao, and it has successfully turned its losses into profits in the second quarter. As a result, it is expected that Alibaba's market value will reach 200 billion yuan.During the eighth collective study of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China Central Committee, Xi Jinping emphasized the importance of actively participating in the reform of the World Trade Organization (WTO) and enhancing the ability to effectively navigate high-level opening-up.There are sanctions from above, but there are countermeasures from below! Through Turkey, Russian industrial metals continue to be sold to Europe.Pre-market Update: US Government Shutdown Risk Increases, Tesla Aims to Deliver 500,000 New Cars, Legendary Investor Warns of AI BubbleFourth Paradigm's dark market surged nearly 10%.Quick Look at Major Stocks | Tencent, NetEase Could Still Rise 40%? New Oriental's Target Price Gets Raised!Japan's semiconductor industry is betting everything on this factoryCross-era "AI hardware" is brewing! Report: OpenAI Altman joins forces with former Apple Chief DesignerHow to Make Good Use of Options in the Intensifying "Panic" Sentiment in the US Stock Market?104 times oversubscription! Why is Zhongxu Future, the company behind "Greedy Blue Moon Scum Hui", so popular?China Evergrande, which experienced a significant surge in the morning, plummeted by 15% in the afternoon. What caused this sharp decline?The Biggest Risk in the US Stock Market: Earnings per Share May Have PeakedRay Dalio: Within a year, AI will revolutionize our lives.US Stock Options | Apple put options trading surges, Huya options trading increases fivefold, Rivian and Fisker call options trading surges国内竟然有基金重仓 “木头姐”,比纳指更刺激!NVIDIA, which fell 15% in September, why is it still the "fighter jet" among AI chip stocks?Tencent has surged 1623% in the past ten years! When will the new round of gains for Hong Kong's technology stocks begin?GLP-1 药物成股价密码:没有减重试验、未披露疗效数据的常山药业缘何起飞?减肥药不够用了,药明康德宣布产能再增加 60% | 见智研究哔哩哔哩港股涨超 2%,热门动画《中国奇谭 2》制作正式启动新加坡股市 26 日报:友邦 5 倍做多权证遭抛售Hong Kong Stock Market News | Sun Hung Kai Properties' subsidiary, Xuhui Yongsheng Services, resumes trading and plummets nearly 60% after a six-month suspension. Last year's net profit declined by 22% YoY.“新药王” 舞会上的那些新贵们