How to Make Good Use of Options in the Intensifying "Panic" Sentiment in the US Stock Market?104 times oversubscription! Why is Zhongxu Future, the company behind "Greedy Blue Moon Scum Hui", so popular?China Evergrande, which experienced a significant surge in the morning, plummeted by 15% in the afternoon. What caused this sharp decline?The Biggest Risk in the US Stock Market: Earnings per Share May Have PeakedRay Dalio: Within a year, AI will revolutionize our lives.US Stock Options | Apple put options trading surges, Huya options trading increases fivefold, Rivian and Fisker call options trading surgesNVIDIA, which fell 15% in September, why is it still the "fighter jet" among AI chip stocks?Tencent has surged 1623% in the past ten years! When will the new round of gains for Hong Kong's technology stocks begin?Hong Kong Stock Market News | Sun Hung Kai Properties' subsidiary, Xuhui Yongsheng Services, resumes trading and plummets nearly 60% after a six-month suspension. Last year's net profit declined by 22% YoY.US stock market loses its biggest momentum! Under the pressure of interest rates, technology stocks have already pulled back by 10%.Breakfast | High-yield US bonds weigh on US stocks, "smart money" collectively sells off, Zhongxu Future receives oversubscription over 100 times.NVIDIA has fallen nearly 15% since September, and the bulls are calling it a great buying opportunity at current levels.US stocks hit a four-month low, with Amazon falling 4%, and US bond yields reaching their highest level in over a decade.According to the dovish members of the Federal Reserve, there is a 40% probability that the Fed will continue to raise interest rates significantly.The US government is on the verge of a shutdown, and Congress is seeking a way out: the Senate plans to extend spending for 45 days, while the House may force a vote on a temporary funding bill.The automotive industry's major strike may escalate: Biden supports a 40% salary increase, while Musk warns that the three giants will soon go bankrupt.The FTC and 17 states in the United States join forces to combat e-commerce monopolies: Amazon is accused of artificially raising prices and "taking away" nearly half of sellers' income.The leading indicator of new home sales in the US unexpectedly plummeted, while important housing price indices reached a historic high.US Treasury Traders are Worried Sick: US Government Shutdown, Short-term Benefit but Long-term Hidden Risks!Surge in Corporate Bankruptcies, Debt Market Giants Warn "Default Cycle Has Begun"Morgan Stanley warns: El Niño will trigger an "inflation storm"Goldman Sachs: Hedge funds increase short positions on US stocks!Alibaba: Plans to spin off Cainiao Logistics for listing on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.Rivian's delivery volume may exceed expectations, but Tesla remains the industry's top choice.Pre-market Update: Alibaba Plans to Spin-off Cainiao Logistics for IPO, Citigroup Reports Increase in Short Positions on NasdaqAnalysis Report | "Alibaba Mama + Tencent Advertising" highly favored, can the stock price rise by 60%?Huawei Launches Counterattack in the "Car-Making" Battle微信和淘宝广告流量直连对阿里和腾讯来说具有重要意义。这种直连可以实现两个平台之间的无缝对接,使得广告主能够更加高效地投放广告,提升广告效果。同时,这也为阿里和腾讯带来了更多的广告收入,增强了它们在广告市场的竞争力。 对于广告主来说,微信和淘宝广告流量直连意味着他们可以更加精准地定位目标受众,提供更加个性化的广告内容。这样一来,广告主能够更好地吸引用户的注意力,提高广告的点击率和转化率。 对于阿里和腾讯来说,微信和淘宝广告流量直连意味着它们能够更好地整合资源,提供更加全面的广告解决方案。这样一来,它们能够吸引更多的广告主,增加广告投放量,进一步扩大市场份额。 总之,微信和淘宝广告流量直连对阿里和腾讯来说是一项重要的战略举措,能够带来更多的广告收入和市场份额,提升竞争力。同时,对广告主来说,这也是一个机会,能够更好地实现精准投放,提高广告效果。Two days and a 12% drop! Why is NIO performing so poorly?As the "September curse" takes effect in the US stock market, Wall Street has lowered its earnings expectations.Share ratio of 50%! "Zero-day options" make a comebackWhy is the Hong Kong stock market experiencing another significant decline, hitting a ten-month low?Be careful! There is another negative factor in the US stock market.Ideal Car: About to Complete Delivery of 500,000 Vehicles Ideal Car is pleased to announce that we are on the verge of reaching a significant milestone - the delivery of our 500,000th vehicle. This achievement is a testament to the unwavering support and trust of our valued customers. Since our inception, we have been committed to revolutionizing the automotive industry by providing high-quality, innovative, and sustainable vehicles. Our dedication to excellence has propelled us to become a leader in the market, and the imminent completion of our 500,000th vehicle delivery is a testament to our success. We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to all our customers who have chosen Ideal Car as their preferred automotive brand. Your continued support and loyalty have been instrumental in our journey towards this remarkable milestone. As we celebrate this momentous occasion, we remain steadfast in our commitment to delivering exceptional vehicles that exceed your expectations. We will continue to push the boundaries of automotive technology, design, and performance to provide you with the ultimate driving experience. Once again, we extend our sincerest appreciation to all our customers for their trust and confidence in Ideal Car. We look forward to serving you in the future as we strive to create a greener, smarter, and more sustainable future for the automotive industry. Thank you for being a part of our journey. Ideal CarUS Stock Options | "Southeast Asia's Little Tencent" Sea Options Trading Volume Quadruples, Call Options Trading Surges In the world of US stock options, there has been a significant increase in trading volume for Sea options, often referred to as the "Southeast Asia's Little Tencent". The trading volume for Sea options has quadrupled, indicating a growing interest in this stock. One particular area of interest is the trading of call options, which has seen a dramatic surge. Call options give investors the right to buy a stock at a predetermined price within a specified time frame. The increased trading activity in call options suggests that investors are optimistic about the future performance of Sea stock and are positioning themselves to benefit from potential price increases. This surge in trading volume and interest in Sea options reflects the growing popularity and recognition of Sea as a major player in the Southeast Asian market. As investors seek opportunities in this region, Sea has emerged as a promising investment option, often compared to Tencent, a Chinese multinational conglomerate. It is worth noting that options trading can be complex and carries a certain level of risk. Investors should carefully consider their investment objectives and risk tolerance before engaging in options trading. As always, it is advisable to consult with a financial advisor or professional before making any investment decisions. In conclusion, the increased trading volume and surge in call options trading for Sea options indicate a growing interest and optimism in the stock. As the "Southeast Asia's Little Tencent", Sea continues to attract attention and presents potential investment opportunities for those looking to tap into the Southeast Asian market.Alibaba, Meituan, How to win the "battle for growth"?Will the US stock market continue to fall? The surprising reason is that it rose too much in the first half of the year!The market's "ghost story": "The Anchor of Asset Pricing for Major Categories" has officially broken through for the first time since 2007, and the world's largest asset management company says "it's not over yet."Historically Brutal! US Long Bond ETF Approaching HalvingOpenAI founder Altman: GPT-5 and GPT-6 still cannot achieve AGIBreakfast | Popular Chinese concept stocks fall, Ideal Car drops 10%, ChatGPT achieves "see, hear, speak"The last AAA rating of the United States is also at risk? Moody's warns of government shutdown, US bond yields continue to riseUS Energy Giants: Oil Prices Near $100 and No Increase in Production, If the US Government Does Not Take Action, They Will Rise to $150Challenge Tesla's Technology! General Motors' new Chief Technology Officer says it should produce its own batteries.Introducing ChatGPT, the conversational and image-savvy AI! Taking "super assistant" to the next level.Technical Analysis | Two Charts Show US Semiconductor PeakingShould Hong Kong stocks "hold shares for the holiday"?Autonomous driving is still far away, but Tesla FSD remains the top choice.Pre-market trading in US stocks: NIO and Xpeng both drop over 6%, Huawei releases MateBook M9! Amazon invests $4 billion in AI company Anthropic.Bank Analysis Report | XPeng's target price has been raised! Apple, Tencent, Meituan, Kuaishou, and NetEase are all favored!